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Japanese officer is optimist in investing in Brazil, as said during a meeting with Brazilian Labor m

Japanese officer stated that the modernization of Brazilian labor legislation will encourage foreign companies to invest in Brazil at ease

"Due to the modernization of Brazilian labor legislation the foreign investors may invest in Brazil at ease", stated the Japanese officer of Nippon Seteel & Sumitomo Metal Empreendimentos Siderurgicos, Kazuhiro Egawa, during the meeting with Brazilian Labor minister Mr. Ronaldo Nogueira held as of July 17 at Brazilian Labor Ministry head offices at Brasilia.

During the meeting the minister had confirmed his attendance at 60 years ceremony of Usiminas (one of the majors Brazilian steel industry) to be held as of August 8 at Ipatinga - Minas Gerais - Brazil. Mr. Kazuhiro Egawa spoke about the Lanari-Horikoshi agreement, by which the Japanese undertook the construction of Usiminas 6 decades ago.

"Japan has a lot to collaborate with Brazil - an intellectually developing country", stated minister Ronaldo Nogueira. "In spite of our natural resources, poverty is all around. By means of knowledge we will be able to use such resources to strike poverty", he added.

The minister announced the Japan's ambassador Mr. Satoru Satoh will receive a labor merit commendation honor as a tribute for the investment in Usiminas' group during these 60 years and to job creation.

Kazuhiro Egawa highlighted an essencial aspect regarded to Usiminas daily routine: the technology transfer. "We have sent Japanese workers to Usiminas in order to transfer knowledge. The final goal was to transfer it so that the companies can be operated only by Brazilians and to support them technologically when necessary".

Besides the Japanese professional's coming to Brazil, Usiminas promoted the visit of Brazilian college students (post-graduation students) to Japan. "They got in touch not only with the plants, but also with Japanese culture. The coming of these students to Japan may result in benefits to Brazil. That they may be the link between Brazil and Japan", said Egawa. (source: Brazilian Labor Ministry; freely translated by International Lawyer Fernanda Siqueira).

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