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SIAL attends the event "Israel in Goias"

On Aug 31st the founding partner of SIAL International Legal Practice, Fernanda Siqueira, attended the "Business to Business (B2B) Acieg and Israel in Goias", held in Goiania - Goias - Brazil.

Promoted by Commercial and Entrepreneur Association of Goias (ACIEG), by its Foreign Trade Chamber, it was presented to the business persons of Goias the most modern concepts in agriculture, medicines, safety, education and irrigation. The Ambassador of Israel in Brazil, Mr. Yossi Shelley, also attended the event.

According to the President of ACIEG's Foreing Trade Chamber, Mr. Leopoldo Veiga Jardim, the aim was that the entrepreneurs of Goias learned more about the technologies from Israel that can be used in the activities developed at the State of Goias. "The drip irrigation system presented represents a giant leap towards a sustainable future, attractive to any agriculture of the country", he considers.

During the whole day at ACIEG's head offices, the representatives of the companies invited presented their technologies and the possibilities of its use in different areas of Brazil. ACIEG's President Mr. Euclides Barbo exemplified with Teva, the second biggest medicine manufacturer and supplier of the world, that has more than 46 thousand employees. "Which entrepreneur is not interested in learning more such type of company that may even supply to our local industries?", he questions.

Besides Teva, the Engineering company Figueiredo Ferraz presented the rural drones used to enhance the plantations' logistics and herd control. The company Ituran, at its turn, presented the monitoring technology used in cargo transportation, an increase need in Goias. Plus, the company Matific innovated in presenting game's platforms to be used in education, mostly in Maths teaching.

The company Netafim, leader in development of global agriculture, presented the technology that "made the desert blossom" by means of drip irrigation. "This is an important concern, mostly in times that water is sparse, says Veiga Jardim. According to him, besides learning about technologies, the entrepreneurs from Goias may strengthen tides with the country. "Such innovations justifies Israel's position in the global technology map", he added.

Lastly, the ambassador Yossi Shelley spoke about the business opportunities between both countries. The event had free entrance and was supported by the Secretary of Government of Goias (Segov), Secretary of Development of Goias (SED), Industry Federation of Goias (FIEG) and FAEG. (Source: ACIEG)

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