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Paraguay Seminar highlights opportunities to Brazilian building sector, assets specialist in interna

Held on October 3th at Federation of Industries of the State of Goias (FIEG), the Paraguay Seminar - Strategic Partnership to Competitiveness of the Industry of Goias attracted a crowded audience at FIEG's auditorium. Organized by Foreign Trade Council of FIEG together with its International Business Center (CIN), the event presented authorities from Paraguay as a retribution of Goias Governor's visit and its delegation to Paraguay on late September.

Mr. Sr. Carlos Paredes Astigarraga, Officer for Investments and Export of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Paraguay, together with Mr. Ernesto Paredes, Executive Secretary of Maquila, presented the benefits in investing in Paraguay, such as low taxes, youth man-power and flexible labor laws.

They also highlighted the need of Paraguay in investments on infrastructure, which is compared to Brazil's scenario of the 60's and 70's, time of great development of Brazilian infrastructure. "Such need meet the current slowdown situation of the building sector in Brazil, which allows entrepreneurs from Goias to pioneer this market opportunity in Paraguay", assets Fernanda Siqueira, specialist in international law and founder of SIAL International Legal Practice.

For more information regarding the opportunities of doing business on Paraguay, please contact us at info@lawsial.com; we will be glad to assist you.

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