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SIAL is invited to join the first training group in management excellency "Modelo de Excelência

On December 27th and 28th the Fundação Nacional da Qualidade (FQN) promoted the first training group in Goiânia - Brazil in management excellency "Modelo de Excelência da Gestão®" 21st Edition (MEG). Invited by FNQ's Portfolio and Operations Mr. Marcos Bardagi, SIAL's international lawyer Fernanda Siqueira joint the such first lectured MEG training at the State of Goias, Brazil.

Founded in 1991 by a group of 39 public and private companies, FNQ has been positioned itself as a leading agent who promotes the development of Brazilian companies, and therefore consolidating as a point of reference of the best management practices to increase the companies' production and competitiveness in Brazil.

By the time of its 25th birthday in 2016, FNQ launched MEG's 21st Edition containing the most recent and important issues related to management and, simultaneously, proposing a significant chance of MEG.

Therefore FQN intends to ease the understanding and implementation of MEG without affecting the technical issues involved, reason that makes the 21st Edition a disruptive and innovative proposal in terms of management excellency.

In Fernanda Siqueira's opinion, be trained by MEG 21 is essential to deal with management challenges that the company of the future requires. "By its tools and techniques it is possible for companies of any size to be excellent in its management, ensuring its financial-economic viability and environmental sustainability, and thus adding value to its clients, suppliers and the whole society", highlights.

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