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Journal reports the visit of Luxembourg's Ambassador to Goias attended by IBREI


The founding partner of SIAL and Regional Officer of IBREI Goias, Mrs. Fernanda Siqueira, attended the presentation of the capabilities of the State of Goias to Luxembourg's Ambassador, Mr. Carlo Krieger, as of August 28th. At the occasion Mrs. Siqueira was accompanied by her colleagues Mr. Renan Martins (IBREI's National Development Officer) and Ms. Renata Peixoto (Coordinator of Courses and Events of IBREI Goias).

The Ambassador was hosted by the Superintendent of State of Goias to Foreign Trade, Mr. William Leyser O'Dwyer; the Secretary of the Civil House, Mr. Fernando Tiburcio; the Secretary of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Luiz Medeiros. The venue was the head office of the State of Goias at the city of its capital Goiania and gathered entrepreneurs, technicians, diplomats, as well as IBREI's representatives above mentioned.

It is the first visit of Luxembourg's delegation to Goias. According to the agenda, the group will meet at Anapolis' Dry Port and will also gather with the representatives of the Federation of Industries of Goias (Fieg).

According to the Secretariat of Economic Development of Goias (SED), the main relation between Goias and Luxembourg is the export of the mineral vermiculite. It is expected that the mission leaded by Ambassador Krieger strengthens the relations between Goias and Luxembourg.

The news reported by local journal A Redacao can be checked by clicking here (available only in Portuguese language):


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