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Founder of SIAL honours Solemnity of Membership to the UN Global Compact by CREA-GO

On May 15, the founder of SIAL, Fernanda Siqueira, as Regional Officer of IBREI Goiás, attended the ceremony where the President of the Council of Enginery and Agronomy of the State of Goias (CREA-GO), Mr. Francisco Almeida, signed the Brazilian Network of Global Compact of the United Nations.

From this moment on, the UN is officially supporting the CREA Goiás Environment Award, an initiative that for 18 years has rewarded new or existing initiatives aimed at the sustainable use of natural resources, thus stimulating the various sectors of society in good environmental practices.

The Global Compact is a UN initiative to engage companies and organisations in the adoption of 10 universal principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-corruption and to develop actions that contribute to the challenges of society, which shows total synergy with the initiatives of CREA-GO and IBREI, which is also a signatory to the Pact.

This partnership between UN, CREA-GO and IBREI was only possible through the engagement of several people, among them Marcella Castro, CREA-GO Institutional Advisor, and Marcelo Linguitte, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Resource Mobilisation of the UN RBPG.


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