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Schedule guides on terms of ancillary obligations before Brazilian Central Bank

Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN), through circulars, creates obligations for local companies that have direct foreign investment in their capital stock and / or goods, assets, rights, commercial credits and values abroad.

In summary, these obligations are information that companies must provide to BACEN by means of periodic statements (quarterly or annually) and must be provided within the requirements and amounts ​​foreseen by BACEN's circulars.

Although they seem to be a simple requirement, these obligations involve relevant information of the company, such as net equity verified at the ending fiscal year, among others. Thus, if they are not fully complied, the company may be subject to fines ranging from 1% to 10% of the amount to be declared (from R$ 25 thousand to R$ 250 thousand).

To better assist our clients in complying with such obligations, SIAL prepared the 2019 Schedule of BACEN's Ancillary Obligations, in which you will find a brief description of them, deadlines and requirements of the companies that are obliged to provide them.

To check BACEN's Schedule CLICK HERE for download (currently available in Portuguese).

If wish to receive an English version of the 2019 BACEN Schedule please CLICK HERE to request it to our team.

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