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Brazilian government restrains the entrance of foreigners in Brazil for 30 days

Came into force yesterday (30) the Decree #152 that restrains the entrance of foreigners in Brazil for 30 days. The measure aims to prevent that foreigners come to Brazil by plane, regardless of their nationalities.

Enacted last Friday (27) by the Ministries of the Civil House, Justice and Public Safety, Infrastructure and Health, the jointly decree justifies that this is an exceptional and temporary measure taken according to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Brazilian National Sanitary Agency (Anvisa) as a mean to control the transmission of coronavirus in the country.


Although the strong measure it is allowed to enter in Brazil people that fulfil the following categories:

  • Brazilian citizens (born or naturalised);

  • Immigrants that holds Brazilian residence permit (determined or non-determined term);

  • Foreign professionals in mission of international entities, as long as duly identified;

  • Foreign employees duly credited by Brazilian Government;

  • Foreigners:

                a) espouses, partners, Brazilian citizens' sons or parents;                 b) entrance duly approved by Brazilian Government due to public interest; and                c) holders of Brazilian Identity Card for Foreigners (RNM).

  • Cargo transport

  • Passengers in international transit, as long as they do not leave the international area of the airport and the destiny country has accepted his/her entrance; and

  • Technical land to refuel with no need of passengers' landing.


The person that does not accomplish with the Decree #152 shall be subjected to penalties that may vary from accountability (civil, administrative and criminal), repatriation or immediate deportation and has his/her refugee request declared disabled.

The decree also sets out that the missing cases will be decided by the Ministry of Justice and Public Safety.

Click here to read the publication in full (available only in Portuguese)

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