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[Corona virus] Keep doing your business the way it is possible!

We stand in solidarity with you and our clients around the globe due to the mandatory isolation imposed by the authorities to prevent the spread of the new corona virus.

For this reason we are here to support your business in order to keep it running the way it is possible at the moment.

Here at SIAL International Legal Practice (based at Goiania, Brazil) we are following the authorities' advise to not leave home unless strictly necessary.

Thus, to keep your international business and ours functioning at this moment we will keep doing something that we started doing since our foundation 7 years ago: to work remotely.

All services we provide are performed virtually, with only access to computer and internet. And everything that is delivered to you is also done virtually, even if you hasn't realised yet. Check it out:

Our services

Plus, most of our meetings are made by videoconferences and by them I negotiate many international agreements with people from different places in the world; provide legal assistance to foreign companies on how to legally establish a company in Brazil; request visa permits for foreign business people to work in Brazil; manage contracts online; anyway, I provide services to the whole world without leaving my city.

And sometimes I do it at home, as I'm currently doing:

That's why I'm calling you to keep doing your business wherever you are. We cannot stop our business activities. We will need them on track after the crisis' gone.

If you need anything I'll be around by WhatsApp. Just text me +55 62 4141-2878

(local time UTC/GMT -3 hours).

Best regards and take care! 🧼🚿🧴

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