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G20 announces investment of US$ 5 trillion to fight against coronavirus

An extraordinary meeting of G20 tries to respond the pandemia that already killed more than 21 thousand people in the world. Leaders said by official statement that US$ 5 trillion will be injected in global economy. Amounts will be addressed to healthy and economy.

During a virtual meeting held on last Thursday (26) to coordinate responses to the growing cases of Covid-19, the leaders of the major economies in the world stated that will do whatever is needed to surpass Covid-19's pandemia, to ensure employment and income and to find resources for that.

A document released after the meeting said:

"We are taking immediate and strong measures to support our economies, protect our employees and business -- especially micro, small and medium-sized companies - and protect the vulnerable by means of social protection. We are injecting more than US$ 5 trillion in global economy as part of our directed fiscal politics, economy measures and schemes to ensure social, economical and financial impacts of the pandemia".

The response to the pandemia needs to be transparent, strong, in great scale and coordinated, according to the statement.

"We totally support and we undertake to strengthen e even more the role of the World Healthy Organisation (WHO) to coordinate the international fight against the pandemia", said the statement.

They have proposed to share epidemiological and healthy data, to reinforce public healthy systems and to increase the capacity of production of medical products. The document also has a priority list:

  • Protect lives

  • Ensure people's employments and income

  • Restore confidence, preserve financial stability and revive growth

  • Minimize the interruption in international trade

  • Provide assistance to countries that need so

  • Coordinate public health and economic measures

They also said that will increase researches' funds to find vaccine and to strengthen the international scientific cooperation. They also requested to the WHO to assess gaps in preparation to the pandemia in the next months.

"We will work to ensure the cross-border fluxes of vital medical supplies, essential agricultural products and other goods and services, and will work to solve the interruption of global supply chains in order to support health and well-being of all people", said G20's statement.

The group of countries undertakes to "continue working to ease the international trade and coordinate all responses in order to avoid unnecessary disturbances in transit and international trade".

Source: G1

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